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Creative Brand Strategist

Helping companies leverage
the power of branding, strategy,
marketing and design

Hello! My name is Lena Friberg, and above is what I do. I work ambitiously with people and companies to activate their brand as their most valuable asset. Using the brand as a strategic driver for success by giving clarity to the business, users and surroundings. 

​...And do you know what it looks, reads, moves and sounds like?

Do you know how to activate it and is your brand supporting your business strategy? Are your marketing initiatives strengthening your brand position?

Do you know what your brand  strategy is?

How is the strategy translated into your brand?

A couple of curious question...

Gaining brand clarity is the first step in the right direction ...gather your tribe with your storytelling

Consider these questions if you own a business ...or work passionately for one… Why? Because it will make all the difference! Penetrating the market, cutting thru the noise, give purpose and direction will differentiate your brand driving value to any company.

It is hard to look from the outside. Be curious about what your customers think and feel.
I guarantee it's not what you think...

You can't see the label from the inside of the bottle. In the absence of insights or feedback we often build a reality that fits with how we would like to be preserved as a brand. The risk is irrelevance and wasted money and effort.  

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