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Branding should be the red thread thru your marketing

This is important! In a world where the information load is set to HEAVY it is paramount your efforts are connected with brand-cues distinct to your brand. If every activation calling the market to take action towards you, is not connected to your brand, they become singular splashes. The red thread is your brand -a communication (visual and written) platform holding everything together.

A brand really mostly exists in people the rest is the output we produce to affect the storytelling how can you insure that your brand exists beyond what you push out there? And that it is perceived the way your intend and on the relevant radars, at the right time? ...sounds impossible, right?

Gaining brand clarity is the key! Focus on the emotional connection to the world -people, customers, employees, the market... every touch point is important! It is all about how you make people feel!

Branding is about connecting with the mind and heart of your audience
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