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Is your brand supporting you business strategy?

Have you ever thought about how a strategy translated into the brand?

It’s about leading cross- and multidisciplinary teams to excel at what they do towards building a strong branded customer relationship.   

The evil of vs. and or unless is means and!

When ever I see something vs. something else I try to force myself to to really consider if the two are really in a battle or if they are in fact partners... as in you can have light without darkness! The same goes for or, I  really try to question it it really is a black and white thing!  

To tap on an ongoing dualism discussed within branding -differentiation and distinctiveness. Originated with two brand guru's (you know who they are ;))

So here is my take... Differentiation should lie in your storytelling and not in your consistent efforts towards building distinctive brand cues - unique assets, when coming together form your unique brand brand.

Granted! If your assets are not distinctive, marketing initiatives will often go for differentiation of your assets, so help each other! Marketers need to succeed in creating thumb-stopping content and brand builders need to be remembered for more than singular communications. Something the two professions are one and the same, but the success still relies on an AND and not an OR or (and) VS.

A common struggle! Most brands and companies are challenged by the fast pace of technology and noisy channels in which they can reach their target audience. A strategy deck lands on the table at C-level and before it is implemented, it almost seems outdated.

And what about the brand? How do we translate our strategy into a brand platform with clear messaging, consistency management and clever memorable exposure. How do we secure an a clear tangible easy-to-use brand strategy? A navigation tool to insure success...?

My specialty is working with brands of any kind and size.
Everything is branding.

My favorite quotes

A brand is a parson's gut feeling about a product, service or organization. Brand is not what you say it is. It is what they say it is.

Marty Neumeier



Sell the problem you solve. Not the product you have.




A brand becomes a brand when it is consistent.




Where I go across

It’s about leading cross- and multidisciplinary teams to excel at what they do towards building a strong branded customer relationship.   

Creative Strategy

A perfect partnership between dreaming and doing, reality and theory in order to harness results within the grey area between the underlying business strategy and creative concept. Merging logic and emotion.

Brand Strategy

A strong brand is one of the most important assets a business has. A well-defined brand strategy will position your company for long-term growth, increasing brand awareness and customer trust.

Design Management

The business side of design. The objective is to develop and maintain an efficient business environment in which an organization can achieve its strategic and mission goals through design as a key differentiator.

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Creative Direction

Overseeing and directing every creative work done. Creative direction is the intersection where words and design meet strategy.

Establishes a visual vision of an organization and lead its creative output.

Creative Brand Strategist

Creative [definition]

Used to describe originality or something that has not been previously considered or thought of.

Brand [definition]

Brands help harried consumers in a crowded and complex marketplace, by standing for certain benefits and values.

Strategist [definition]

A strategist is someone who is skilled in planning the best way to gain an advantage or to achieve success.


When working with strategic branding and creative brand initiatives, there is no instant gratification in terms of numbers and proff! Results are slow to show!

 -patience it thy name!

And for most, it takes guts to stay on the path when results are not showing within a tangible period of time. But dont dispear... get your framework and start. 

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